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Saturday, July 4, 2015

7/3/15 Newport- Dover- Foxcroft Rail-Trail

Kelley had her yearly check up at her vet in Newport so we did the nearby rail-trail. We started from Moose Head Trail and walked about an hour and then returned. Except where the trail comes near the lake it's pretty much a walk in the woods and not the most interesting hike we do. Today there were a bunch of ATVs and though they were considerate, slowing and giving us wide berth, the noisy traffic  was a distraction. On the plus side there were few mosquitoes and no deer flies.


Kelley found some water in a ditch

But when we reached the section near the lake

 She was very happy

Some wildflowers that are not in good focus but I like the colors so...

Another place to get in the lake

and some reeds

I think this trail is more interesting in winter but we did get our exercise and it was a nice day.


  1. Photos of Kelley swimming always make me smile. :)

    I'm not sure why my posts are not showing up on your blog feed....I haven't changed any settings and you still show up as a follower. I have noticed with other blogs I follow that sometimes their updates don't show up on my feed until several days later. Maybe that's happening to you too? My blog does have a Facebook page, and if you are on Facebook, you can also follow me there. The link is on the sidebar of my blog.

  2. Thanks Linda - well perhaps the problem will resolve on it's own. I even clicked to follow you again, without results. Will check out FB

  3. I always wanted to visit your state and I'm so glad I get to through your blog. The scenery and the wildflowers are so great to see and, of course, Kelley certainly adds to the beauty!

    1. Thank you Betty . We are lucky to live in a beautiful state.


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