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Sunday, July 26, 2015

7/25/15 Marsh Island

Sixty and mostly cloudy with rain predicted. One more trip to the meadow by the river in search of monarchs.

Checking to see who was here before us.

Deer flies were not too bad on the trails but more numerous in the meadow. They seemed more interested in Kelley today and that was upsetting as they often land on her face where her coat is less thick. I spend time scooping them up and killing them. She sometimes snaps at one in the air but I have not seen her get one.

Some wildflowers

The milkweed in the meadow was about done and so no monarchs. On to the Penobscot. Much of the bank is to steep for Kelley but she remembers where she can get in, even though she had to get us through waist high grass.

Along the bank

Not far from the river is a small pond that Kelley also remembers and we have to take that route.

A small stream on the way back - last chance for water on this hike.

Butterfly still in good shape - I think it's a Northern Crescent.

Near the end we met a couple with a dog and that made Kelley happy ( we rarely meet anyone on this hike ) . Not a bad little outing, in spite of the deer flies. 1 1/4 hour 

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  1. I envy your 60 degrees. We're in the midst of a hot spell and coupled with an abundance of mosquitoes and deer fly, I'll be glad when summer is over.


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