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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7/27/15 Little Long Pond

Yesterday was cloudy and rainy so we just went downtown. Kelley wouldn't get out of the car - I guess she wanted a day off. Today is again cloudy with possible rain and warmer so we headed for the island which was predicted to be about 10 degrees cooler - also Kelley's favorite hike.

We started from the parking lot that leads to the Friends Path. Slow start as we check out who's been before us.

Pretty ledge area just before you start the drop to the pond.

Now leading as we near the pond

And into the pond

The West Side Trail crosses a meadow and there were still a few roses

and lots of water lilies in the pond

Kelley liked them too

The start of the Jordan Stream Trail

The pictures stop here because I slipped on a wet bridge and slid into the stream, dunking my camera in the water. The lens fogged up on the inside and though the camera still clicked away the pictures were just a blur or completely black.

We did meet lots of people and dogs on the east side of the pond and walked along with one couple and their dog for awhile. Kelley was happy to greet everyone but it slowed us down a bit. Other than the camera disaster ( it's in a large bag of silica gel ) it was a nice hike. 2  1/2 hours


  1. Oh, such a shame with your camera (and you!!) Hope you're ok........and that the camera recovers nicely.

    1. Thanks Sue- I was lucky and didn't get hurt - I once dropped a lens in a puddle and gave it the same treatment and it's fine - fingers crossed on the camera

  2. Sorry about your camera taking a dunking! Hope it recovers okay.


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