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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7/11/15 Kilkenny Cove / Old Pond Railway

Supposed to hit 85 degrees today so we headed to near the coast where it's usually a few degrees cooler ( turned out to be little difference today)

I found some flowers near the parking lot

Near the start there are some of the old tracks - narrower gauge and smaller than modern rails - and some old equipment

Kelley soon found a muddy puddle

On much of the trail you can see remnants of the old ties

Pano of Old Pond - click for large version

Old Pond  7-11-15

Kelley in  Hilts Cove - other side of trail

We met a couple of men doing trail work and one of their dogs and that made Kelley happy. We turned around just past the two mile mark and headed back. Other than the water section the rail is mostly just a pleasant walk in the woods.

Because the woods were fairly dense there were few flowers but I found this wild rose near the parking lot where there is sun.

Very warm by the end but Kelley had been in the cove and the mud puddle on the way back. 2 hours 


  1. Read your posts everyday and loving all the pics. The old rail tracks pics are cool ; I wonder what their history is. Glad Kelly had some clear water to wash up all the mud off her coat....she cracks me up.
    How are your veggies faring?

    1. Hi - thanks for all your looking. Kelley really does love the water- any water. My garden is doing pretty well. It has warmed up and things are taking off.

  2. Interesting seeing those old rail tracks out in the woods.

    1. Yes, Linda - we have hiked several rail-trails but this is the first that still had remnants of the actual rails.

  3. The pond is just gorgeous and, of course, it's good to see Kelley having a good swim. I would be wondering what the tracks were used for.

    1. Hi Betty- apparently it was used to transport tourists -


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