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Saturday, April 25, 2015

4/24/15 Kenduskeag Stream Trail

Yesterday we awoke to light snow and a dreary day. Kelley didn't want to get in the car so we just walked around the neighborhood.

Another dreary day with light rain and more forecast. When it stopped we went to the nearby Kenduskeag. Kelley usually likes this because the trail , which starts near home, follows the stream to downtown but today the water was very high and swift. She likes calm water and opted for a pool along the trail

The trail still looks very wintry

At a wider point in the stream where the water was calmer, she ventured into it.

From a bridge over the stream near downtown

We took a little loop through a small part of town to get back to the trail and Kelley was able to meet several friendly people.

Near the end we saw these guys who had just put into the stream. They were going with the current and I wondered about their return trip.

Not a bad outing on a kind of dreary day. Still no wildflowers but at least we didn't see any snow.  1  1/2 hours 


  1. I think your recommendation on coming in the fall because of a potential late spring is right on the money--hopefully you will have a long fall so your "crops" will have time to mature--you sure have had a long one! Got hit by a car-while riding my bike--guy didn't stop! Fortunately the bike took the worst of it and I am healing just fine, just taking longer, hell to get old! Bike is still in for repairs so don't know when I will get "back on the horse". See you guys are doing well--see you in the fall--Brother Tom

    1. Sorry to hear about your accident. Yes, spring still isn't really here- we saw patches of snow on the trail today. Fall is beautiful here and last year we got a long one with first frost about a month later than usual. We need that this year too. Take care of yourself.

  2. It's always nice to get outside, despite the crummy weather. Glad ro see Kelley got her swim in! :)

    1. Hi Linda - you are right and there is lots of water for Kelley

  3. You two really have some nice spots for a walk.
    And though it does look a bit wintry---there is NO SNOW!
    Have a wonderful day

    1. We do Sue - this trail starts a couple of miles from home

  4. I always enjoy your photos of your walks and I it gives me great pleasure to know that Kelley enjoyed herself, too.

    1. Thank you Betty - Kelley is happy there is finally water for her to get into.


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