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Friday, April 3, 2015

4/2/15 Walden Park

Overcast, upper 30's. with rain forecast. Decided to go to nearby Walden for an hours walk.

The first part of the Loop Trail was a bit lumpy but the surface supported me if I was careful where I stepped  - a few jolts when one foot broke through the crust. It was supportive of Kelley and she seemed happy to be there. we hadn't been in awhile and that meant lots of new smells.

Still enough snow to make it pretty.

The old rail bed section was smoother as a snowmobile had used it in the past

Coming back on the other side of the loop

There was a small bit of water near the beaver pond and Kelley walked around it but finally decided the snow covered bank was too steep and gave it up. A nice peaceful short hike as we had it all to ourselves.


  1. Bah---I see my comment is lost in cyber space yet again!
    Well, anywho---what I said was that it's always nice to meet folks, but sometimes having the trail all to yourself is mighty fine too!
    Hope you have a terrific Easter. I'll be offline for a few days---much to do this time of year! Take care

    1. Kelley likes to meet people more than I do. I have problems with your blog too - can't figure out how to follow and when I manage to get on I get conflicting messages about leaving a comment.
      You have a nice Easter too

  2. Your snowy woods look beautiful to me!

    1. They are Linda- but ... we have snow forecast for tomorrow !


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