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Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/22/15 Eliot Mountain - Harbor brook

Yesterday it rained most of the day so we just walked around the neighborhood. Rain is forecast again today ( and for the next few days) but we started out in mostly sun and upper 40's.

I ended up with most pictures out of focus today ( I'm not sure why) so documentation is spotty.
Last time we checked here the trailhead sign was buried in snow. Today it was clear and the trail was also mostly clear of snow- lots of water though.

There were parts of the trail that had been turned into small streams. No problem for Kelley. The summit is wooded and the only view is from an outcropping near the top.

The Asticou Trail which we take to reach Harbor Brook was also mostly snow free with some small patches beside the trail along with more water. Trail crews have done a lot of work with stone slabs.

The trail continues across the brook and they have replaced the wooden bridge with stone blocks

But we turn here and take the trail that closely follows the brook. We were surprised to find a lot of snow still on this trail.

Though the trail and stream were pretty it was harder going for Kelley.

She was smart enough to use  the depressions I caused but I could see she was still struggling. They are building a new trail that is "finished" from the brook to where it meets the trail from the mountain trail to Thuya Gardens. It starts out as the old trail down from the summit,and then branches off. I had thought I found that spot but had not and we were soon bushwhacking. I decided we would eventually hit one of the trails and we were out of the snow and so we continued. We came out on the Eliot Mt. trail below the intersection but that was Ok and we took it back to the car. An interesting and varied hike. Kelley liked it except for the fairly deep snow- which was also a slog for me.  2  1/2 hours 


  1. Beautiful hike, John.
    I reallly like those stone slab steps---very natural look to them, but I'll guess a bit slick at times too.
    Have a great day,

    1. Thanks Sue- you have a good day too. The slabs are not finished but fairly rough so only a problem when icy.

  2. I like the stone stairway! And looks like Kelley got lots of opportunities to swim.

    1. Hi Linda- yes, there was water everywhere

  3. Haha, Kelly makes me shiver every time I see her in that water. It's amazing to me that it's never too cold for her !
    What a beautiful trail and now that the snow is melting we're seeing more green. Just beautiful!
    We went down to the 30s last night with frost so I had to cover my flowers and veggies. Again tonight!!

  4. Hi Serafina - the cold never bothers her. I hope the frost doesn't hurt your plants

  5. Didn't last night. I think we're only supposed to have 2 nights of it (fingers crossed)

  6. I love the look of the stone slabs. Are they slippery when wet tho?

    1. Hi Kim- they are rough unfinished slabs from the area- only slippery if icy


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