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Sunday, April 12, 2015

4/11/15 Sears Island

Yesterday it rained most of the day ( and part of the night) and we ended up just walking the neighborhood. Kelley did get to play with her friend Homer and that made her happy.

This morning the problem was finding the least wet place to hike. There is also some leftover snow. We decided to try Sears Island  where we hadn't been in a long time.

Forty five, mix of sun and clouds, very windy, but the tide was right ( at high tide you can't walk some shore sections without getting wet ) .  We stated out along the west shore- easier for Kelley because not as rocky - but the wind was very strong so we switched sides which was a big improvement.

Kelley was in the ocean - I was too far away for a shot - but she found water in many places - there are small streams of fresh water that flow from the interior of the island.

Looking back

Sea plants

There is a long section before the Blue Trail that is mostly large rocks and difficult for both of us to navigate. Today the snow kept us from some of the easier spots. I could tell Kelley was tired of dealing with the rocks and we were both  glad when we could get off the beach. More snow on the Blue trail and it had a lot of trees down from the winter weather.

But there was water

The gravel road was clear of snow and had lots of large puddles but when we turned off onto the Homestead Trail there was a lot of snow. This turned out to be a mistake for both of us - a real plod with Kelley also breaking through the crust. I broke through snow and ended up in water over the tops of my boots.

But Kelley also found water to get into.

We were both glad when we reached the shore and headed for the car. It had turned out to be a challenging hike - it's usually mostly easy. Kelley seemed a bit stiff so tomorrow will be something short and easy.

2  1/4 hours 


  1. I love the shore line shot with all the rocks.

    1. Thanks Kim - I didn't show the really rocky part - next time.

  2. Love the pics. So pretty! And yayyyy for melting snow!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel!! Haha !

  3. Thanks Sarafina- the snow is melting and I had seedlings up ( indoors) today so there does seem to be hope.


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