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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/13/15 Lagrange Rail-Trail

Yesterday Kelley was not much interested in hiking. I think the Sear's Island hike had been too much with the rocks and the deep snow. Finally got her in the car to go downtown for a short hike. I usually let her pick the route and she took us in a small circular route back to the car. She rested outside the rest of the day.

A sunny day with a promise of above normal temps and Kelley was, again, ready to go. Lots of mud because of the rain and above normal temps so the challenge was finding a place to hike Decided this trail was a good bet because it's a built up old rail bed.

We started from the town office ( very small town ) rather than the start shown on the map and were surprised to find there was still a good bit of snow. The bare ground in the background is a road we cross at  the start.

There were a few icy spots, and fewer bare spots but it was mostly nicely packed snow.

Not sure why this beaver lodge still has so much snow around it.

Another section of the trail

and a small stream we crossed

Water for kelley

Still lots of ice around

Alder branch

Part of one of the gates

Another chance to get in the water

Probably cut when the trail was cleared for this winter

This turned out very well. Kelley was enthusiastic and ahead of me the whole way and she showed no signs of discomfort. She was very happy with several opportunities to get in the water. Beautiful sunny skies and it warmed into the 60's. When we stopped to have our apple break and turn back I put my jacket in the pack and it was shirt sleeve hiking for the  first time in many months. We met no one and so had it all to ourselves.

2  1/2 hours 


  1. Wow, it's still very much winter where you live. I love the shots of Kelley taking her swim. :)

    1. Thanks Linda- a few days above freezing and some rain got rid of a lot but we had a bunch. Kelley was very happy to finally find water

  2. 60's? Wonderful. You'll be done with that snow quickly at those temps. Glad to see Kelley has some open water once again.
    Happy Spring!

    1. Another that I didn't get notification on. Happy spring to you too.


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