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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/9/14 City Forest

Cold dreary day with winter weather advisory -  rain, freezing rain and snow for next four days. We went over to the forest to get in an hour and a half before it started.

Though the trails at Acadia had been free of snow there was still quite a bit here.

We did the West Trail and then back down Main and Loop Rd. to West to complete our loop. We only met two people with their dogs but Kelley seemed happy with the easy walking as the crust now supported her. She kept checking  the places she gets in the water but they were all frozen.

Some ice and a leaf

Not as cold as yesterday so it was more comfortable and we beat the bad weather. 


  1. Your ice pictures are cool! That snowy trails looks great for skiing (I'm so ready to ski, but our mountains don't have much snow, and my foot is still healing....)

    1. Thanks Linda- snow is going fast- raining since yesterday afternoon and supposed to continue to Friday morning. Hope you heal quickly and get some snow

  2. What a cute companion you have--they are so smart. Your ice shots are just fantastic! You captured all the details so well.

  3. Remarkable Ice pictures, the first looks like a study in fractals, the second like a wood cut of an ocean scene.

    1. Thanks PP - Ice is what we have lots of right now


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