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Sunday, December 28, 2014

12/27/14 Haystack Mt. and Northern Headwaters

Another nice day- mostly sunny and mid 40's We had just learned about Haystack even though it's only a few miles from several trails we regularly do.

There is no sign on 220 indicating the trail but there is a sign for the ball field and you turn in there and park. The trailhead is behind the backstop.

It was an easy climb through woods to the top where there were very nice views.

A two shot pano - please click for larger view

Haystack Mt. 12-27-14

When we started to continue on to complete the loop we encountered a large blowdown and the other side of that was confusing and we found ourselves heading back up. We met some people familiar with the trail and said part of it had been eroded by ATV users and some of it had been rerouted. We went back down the way we had come with the idea of starting at the other end of the trail but Kelley did not want to do it so we got in the car. This had only taken an hour so we head for the nearby trailhead at Whitten Hill. Kelley didn't jump right out of the car but once we started she was enthusiastic

Surprisingly there were still patches of snow on these trails

Whitten Hill trail

N. Headwaters Trail

We hiked to the Goose Ridge intersection and then turned back the way we had come

Another pretty day in the woods and it was nice to find a new trail. An hour on Haystack and an hour and a quarter at N. Headwaters. Kelley seemed a little stiff when we got home and it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so we will have an easy day

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