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Friday, December 12, 2014

12/12/14 City Forest

Another gray cold ( mid 30's ) day with rain forecast. I checked the weather records and only one of the twelve days of December was without precipitation of some kind. While it wasn't raining we headed for the forest to get in a hike .

We ended up doing our usual route from the end of Kittredge Rd. and were surprised at how much snow and ice were left;

The beaver pond had been frozen except for a tiny corner and Kelley had passed it by. But there was lots of water that wasn't frozen.

Kelley wanted to take the side trail even though it had more snow- but no ice. I knew I would have a hard time keeping my feet dry getting across a stream and boggy area- I didn't keep them dry.

The old rail bed also still had quite a bit of snow- puzzling after several days of ( slightly ) above freezing temps and rain.

A branch and a weed in the snow

On the way back Kelley couldn't resist the little unfrozen part of the pond.  From here the water flows across the trail and down a hill.

We got our two hours in without rain and it wasn't a bad outing .Kelley was happy to be in the woods but disappointed that we didn't meet any people or dogs. Several times she barked and ran ahead as she does when she gets the scent of people or dogs but there was never anyone there. 


  1. Kelley looks so cold in that icy water! She must have very thick fur.

    1. Hi Linda - Labs have a double coat that insulates and the undercoat protects from water. I have never seen her avoid water if she can get in it- no mater the air temp. She also curls up in the snow to watch me clear the drive.


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