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Saturday, December 20, 2014

12/19/14 Breakneck Road and McFarland Attempt

Forecast was for clear weather but it was 31 and mostly gray- a couple of times it tried to clear but didn't get far. We went over to the island because there promised to be less snow and ice. We started from the Hulls Cove end.

There was little snow left

At one point there is a stream to cross- only deep enough to be over the tops of your boots but slippery rocks to navigate

There is little elevation gain but apparently enough for there to be more snow on the bushes

Upper Breakneck Pond

A beaver dam between the two ponds that needs to be crossed

The plan was to take the road to it's end at Rte 233 but shortly after crossing the dam I spotted a trail that looked like it had some recent use. Several times we have tried to follow the abandoned trail up McFarland and we decided to give it another try ( blue line on map ) . We got further than we usually do but the trail just disappeared as it usually does. I thought we were near the top so we bushwhacked  at bit but kept coming to difficult rocky palaces and eventually gave up and headed back down. Of course we had lost the path we had come up on and it was another bushwhack. We came out south of where we started up and had another pond the beavers had created that covered the road. and left me another dam to cross. Kelley liked it.

We then returned the way we had come. A pretty good hike in spite of failing to find the path to the top of McFarland ( we know another way up and have looked for the trail from the top too - also without success).Kelley had lots of water and I managed the water hazards without wet feet.  2  1/4 hours


  1. Love that last photo. Kelley looks very happy to get her swim in. :)

    1. Thank you Linda- she was happy- first water deep enough that she could get to.

  2. That bottom photo is sure pretty. Glad you made it out without the wet feet---that makes for an unpleasant trip back to the car.
    We had actual SUN yesterday. I almost didn't know how to act! Back to the gloom today again, but my, that one day of sun certainly makes it tolerable again.
    Have a good weekend

    1. Thanks Sue- we have another gray cold day -21 degrees and no sun in the extended forecast- getting kind of depressing. You have a good weekend too.

  3. That last picture is my favorite as well.

    I just heard that since Dec 11, we've only had 24 MINUTES of sun in the Chicago area. Ugh.

    1. Thanks Kim- I think we have had not much more sun for all of December. Ugh is right


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