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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12/3/14 Essex Woods

Not a very nice day . We woke to a little new snow on the ground and freezing rain on top of the snow. I watered plants and did some other indoor chores but Kelley wanted to go out and when she got out laid down by the car - hint hint. When the rain stopped for a bit we went to nearby Essex Woods and walked around for an hour We walked down to the rail bed and then Kelley wanted to go through a small neighborhood which takes you around the wetlands and to the other end of the trail to make a loop. She wanted to walk up the sledding hill- no one using it - and when we got to the top met a man and his dog who were just leaving the fenced in dog park. We chatted but after greeting the dog Kelley just laid down and waited, even though the dog wanted to play. I don't know how she decides which dogs to play with and which to just be with.

A few pictures of icy things


  1. Beautiful icy objects! I particularly like the pine branch. Well, and the berries. Oh, and even the drain. LOL!--they're all good. You are very observant. Glad Kelley got her way.

  2. They know..somehow..mysterious for sure..

  3. Hi penbayman- I often wish we had a better way to communicate


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