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Saturday, April 10, 2010

4/8/10 Conners Nubble

Awhile back we were thwarted in our attempt to descend the South Bubble Trail and decided to try going up instead.We parked at Jordan Pond and Kelley immediately got into the water just south of the pond

We followed the Jordan Pond Trail to the South Bubble Trail and began our ascent. The trail started off in woods but quickly became rocky and steeper but we were doing well

Until near the top we came to the same section that had stymied us last time. I climbed up and looked around but could see no bushwhack around and the stone was too high for me to lift Kelley so we had to turn back.

Instead of returning to the beginning of the trail we bushwhacked down to the Jordan Pond Carry Trail and took that to Eagle Lake.

The Eagle Lake trail started out in woods with good footing but soon became more and more rocky as it closely followed the lake and forced Kelley off the trail a couple of times.

At one point she went into the water and swam around a tough spot to continue the hike.

From the Eagle Lake Trail we took the North Bubble Trail up to Conners Nubble and this view. This trail was not excessively steep and had pretty good footing.

The trail dropped quickly down to the carriage road and across and up toward the Bubbles.

Looking back we could see Conners Nubble and the trail opened up as we rose with

views ahead and behind us.

And then this view of Jordan Pond

We continued on a short distance to another section of the South Bubble Trail which brought us quickly back down to the pond which you can see in the background.

We followed the trail along the pond back to our car but not before one last swim for Kelley.
4 -1/2 hours


  1. Sounds like Kelley had a workout.

  2. Great effort. Great pictures of Kelley enjoying the water. Great views. I would like to do this hike.

  3. With all the rock and stone it seems like a challenging trail.

  4. Is the North Bubble-> Connor's Nubble trail do-able with a dog and 4 kids? We've gone up the "other" side of the Nubble (away from the Bubbles) but not the bubbles side. From the top of the Nubble, the trail down towards North Bubble looked much steeper than the trail on the other side. Is that the case??

  5. Hi Mary

    There is a spot just as you start to descend that Kelley has trouble with- after that it's not bad. Kelley has got pretty good at finding her way around spots too hard for her. How big is your dog and the kids? I don't remember any problems from the carriage road up to the Bubble.

  6. Hi, I tried to post last night but I'm not seeing my post in the comments. I'm sorry if this is a repeat. My dog weighs about 45#, he's still a puppy (10-12 mos). We can lift him somewhat.

    The kids are 10, 7, 6 and 5. The 6- and 7-year-olds seem to be channeling a mountain goat sometimes! They're great climbers but get tired on a flat trail (6-year-old has disabilities and lots of walking wears him out). Last year, we did Cadillac south face, Connor's Nubble from the carriage road (the less steep climb), North Bubble from the saddle, Beech, asticou->Eliot, can't remember what else. This year, we were looking at North Bubble, over the top, to Connor's Nubble, and maybe Sargeant south face, one of the Western Mtn hikes, and maybe Champlain via the Bowl.

    Any words of wisdom??? We've been to Acadia with toddlers before (our 6-year-old took some of his first steps there!) but never a dog.

    We are enjoying your blog. Kelley is beautiful!


  7. Not a repeat- Thanks for compliments. I would give it a try. You can always turn around. That's what we do if it's too difficult. Kelley doesn't like to be lifted and as she weighs about 60 lbs. I'm not crazy about lifting her.Kelley has been to every summit and done most of the trails--other than Giant Slide, one of the Bubble trails, and the ladder trails.

    Please post how your hike goes as that might be useful to others.


  8. Thanks! I will post when we get back. Our trip is the end of June and I'm hoping the blackflies are mostly gone by then.

    Have you taken Kelley up to Flying Mtn? I saw on the park website that it's not recommended for dogs, I'm trying to remember why that would be. Flying was the first Mtn my older two ever climbed, years ago. It's been a while. My son wants to climb Acadia mtn but I remember that one being pretty hard!

    Happy trails!


    I can't wait to bring Bo (the puppy) on the Wonderland hike. The beach at the end is so peaceful and pretty.

  9. Here is the link to a Flying Mtn. hike ( you can use the search function to find different hikes) Flying Mtn. was OK but there is a section beyond that ( described in the post)I don't recommend with a dog.

    Have fun


  10. Better Link-I think

  11. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we did the hike over North Bubble to Conner's Nubble with our kids and puppy today. What a fantastic hike! The part of Conner's Nubble right near the top was a bit awkward, and Bo (puppy) did NOT feel that coming down off the mountain was worth climbing down that cliff! My husband had to carry him down a little ways. Overall, he loved it. We ended up taking the carriage road to the Jordan Pond carry trail after coming down off Conner's, because the exposed ridges on North Bubble were a little too hot for Bo and the kids on the way to the Nubble, we didn't want to overheat anyone.

    I can see why Kelley loves to swim during your hikes. Bo is a black dog, too, and the open ridges just are too hot for him in the sun. He was throwing himself into a shady spot every time I helped my daughter down a section of trail, poor thing.

  12. Hi Mary

    Thanks for the report of your hike. I wish more people would tell about their experiences to help others. Hunters Brook is a beautiful trail that is mostly shaded and runs along the stream much of the way.

  13. I believe we were on a section of Hunter's brook our first day here. We took a path from a carriage road up over the Triad, to the Triad Pass trail. It was overcast that day and Bo loved the hike. :)

    We tried the West Ledge trail on Bernard the next day but had to turn back when we got to a really steep section of trail that was just too wet and slippery for the kids and us. We were worried about the return trip! Bo LOVED that trail, though. Sometimes having four legs is a plus!

    We also made the Bowl/Champlain hike up to the steep cliffy part on Sunday, but the fog rolled in over Champlain and made the rock very slippery and the visibility zero, so we turned back. Our biggest challenge with Bo on the overcast days was keeping him from his enthusiastic jumping up on people we passed by (he's a rescue and we're working on his manners!). Sunny days are just rougher for him! We're on our way to Gorham/Ocean path and maybe Great Head now. Wish he was allowed on Sand Beach!


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