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Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/21/10 Acadia -Three Peaks

A beautiful day to try a trail (Parkman Mountain) that had defeated us in the past. We started from the Noumbega parking area on Rte. 198. A short distance on the Hadlock Brook takes you the Parkman Mountain Trail which had several difficult spots for Kelley but she managed to find ways around all but one where she accepted a boost from me. Kelley continues to learn and I was quite proud of her. Though fairy arduous the trail is beautiful and a joy to climb.




Nearing the summit

From Parkman

We continued on the trail which dropped quickly to the Grandgent Trail on which we climbed to Gilmore Peak

Parkman seen from the Grandgent Trail

 From Gilmore Peak

Kelley on Gilmore


We dropped down from Gilmore to the Maple Springs area and continued on up to the top Of Sargent where we met some nice people and then continued on the Sargent Mtn. Trail to the Maple Spring Trail and back down toward where we had started. Maple Spring Trail is also quite nice and is described in an earlier entry.

Carriage road bridge over Maple Spring Trail


We followed Maple Spring to Hadlock Brook and that back to our car. We had done a fairly strenuous hike and were both tired but happy. 3 -3/4 hours


  1. Very nice hike. Are those reddish bushes blueberries?

  2. I believe they are. There are a lot of them in the park and a nice treat on the trail.


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