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Monday, April 5, 2010

4/3/10 Beachcroft Trail

A beautiful day. We decided to do the Beachcroft Trail which is a beautiful trail but was a problem for Kelley in the past. We started from Rte. 3 and we would go as far as was comfortable for Kelley with a little side trip to Huguenot Head. Beachcroft required a lot from those who built it as it contains hundreds of stones placed almost like a sidewalk at first and then like steps.

Lichen along the trail

The trail winds along the side of the mountain and looking down you have a view of the Tarn.

Huguenot Head is a very short detour ( unmarked) off the main trail

After Huguenot Head there is a section of the trail that is very steep over large boulders and in the past this was a problem for Kelley. Today she managed to get through that whole section with only one small boost. Super mountain climbing dog! After that section the remainder of the hike to the summit is mostly over sheets of granite.

Looking up the trail

And down

At the summit we discovered Bar Harbor and the bay still had fog with the islands peaking through it.

From the summit we took the Bear Brook ( or Champlain N. Ridge) Trail down to the loop road and followed that back to Rt. 3 and to our car. We passed Beaver Dam Pond which Kelley swam in twice and was quite happy as it is deep enough for her to actually swim. 2-1/4 hours


  1. Great pictures!! I'd like to get a chance to visit Maine sometime and enjoy the area. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comments Bob. Maine is a beautiful place.


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