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Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/17/10 Amphitheater Trail and Cedar Swamp Mtn.

Gray and 40's but not bad once you got moving. We started from the parking area near the Brown Mtn. Gatehouse. We first tried to find the connector to the Asticou Trail that we couldn't find in winter when there were a couple of feet of snow. We still couldn't find it and took the carriage roads to the Sargent S. Ridge Trail to the Asticou and that back to another carriage road to the Amphitheater Trail. I didn't remember this end of the Amphitheater and it was quite a nice trail. It starts out along the stream reasonably flat but meanders and then gets rockier and steeper. There were a few challenging spots for Kelley but she was especially inventive today and solved them all herself.

looking across to the ridge up Penobscot Mountain

As you near Birch Spring the trail becomes open granite

but then drops down to the spring and a particularly hard climb for Kelley ( where she showed great courage by jumping a gap she had not attempted before) to Sargent S. Ridge Trail and Cedar Swamp Mountain just off that trail.

We continued down the Sargent. Mtn. Trail to the carriage roads and followed them back to our car. 3 - 1/4 hours


  1. Kelley sitting in the pool looks like she is thinking "I want to stay I have to get out?"

  2. She does love the water. Sometimes when she gets into the water she looks back at me with a look of contentment.

  3. Have you been to the GPMCT trails in Orland? You might try Flag and Oak Hills, or do a loop with Great Pond Mountain and the Dead River Trail.

  4. Hi Scott

    Thanks for the suggestions. We did the Great Pond Mt. Loop ( called Big Pond Mtn. in older books) before we started the blog but haven't done the others and will check them out.

  5. From Great Pond Mtn.


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