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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/9/10 Cadillac Mountain

Sunny and not so cold but windy at higher elevations. We started on Route 233 at the Cadillac Mountain entrance (closed for the winter)and walked on the loop road to the start of the Cadillac N. Ridge trail. The first part of the hike was really nice as we were sheltered from wind and someone had preceded us a few days ago leaving nicely packed snow.Great views with a brilliant blue sky. As we ascended and the trees thinned out the wind was much stronger. The person who had preceded us had not continued and as the blazes now were on rocks under snow the trail was harder to follow. We ended up slogging through some deep drifts and kept having to relocate the trail but we did reach the summit, shared an apple and headed down the auto road. This was a nice walk as snowmobilers had packed the snow and the views were grand. We met a nice couple on their way up and stopped for Kelley to say 'hi' and for a brief chat about conditions on trails they had recently hiked.When we reached the loop road we took that back to our car. 3 1/2 hours

Cadillac Mtn. N. Ridge Trail

From the Auto Road


  1. Nice day. A high view. I'm thinking that it must be quite a different hike in the summer (without snow).

  2. Yes, the lower sections have a lot of rocky sections which were actually easier because filled in with snow and the upper section has large sheets of fairly smooth granite. And Cadillac is the highest peak in the park.


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