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Friday, February 12, 2010

12/12/10 Glenburn

I didn't feel like a long drive so decided to explore some other snowmobile trails. These were in Glenburn just a few miles from home. We drove out Broadway to the Lancaster Brook Rd. One of the trails crosses that road near the railroad tracks and that's where we parked.We started on the trail going southwest to check out the stream crossing situation. This trail went through a nice wooded area and was flat with well packed snow and good footing- very pleasant. We crossed the Lancaster Brook with only a little anxiety about the ice but when we reached the Kenduskeag stream there was a sign saying "check the ice" This river is fairly wide and we could see areas of open water. Had we broken through the ice on the brook we would have got wet feet but here the consequences would be more severe so we decided against crossing. There were smaller trails going both left and right and we tried each of these. To the right the trail was well used and led eventually to a road. We returned and tried the trail to the left which was lightly used and led to a branch of the river and stopped so we returned to the main trail. As we were walking back I noticed one of my gaiters was missing and decided we would need to backtrack to find it ( they cost me $30). I couldn't imagine how it had come off without me noticing as there is both a hook on the front of the boot and an elastic that goes under the boot. I decided I must have left it at home and was wasting my time looking for it but I also couldn't believe that I had hiked for an hour without noticing I had only one gaiter so on we went. I did not find it, of course, and when we reached the car removed the one I was wearing . We then crossed the road and took the trail toward Hudson and Pushaw Pond. This section of trail was mostly woods but with two large fields and a marshy area. The trail had some icy sections and I'm not sure why-perhaps more use than the other section. When we reached the pond area we stopped and returned to the car. 3 3/4 hours. Upon returning home I discovered the missing gaiter. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

Kenduskeag Stream

A Tree on the Road to the Trails

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  1. It's good to hear that you are using caution regarding thin ice crossings...and glad that you found your "gaiter".


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