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Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/19/10 An Adventure

Sunny but windy. Mary joined us again but was having a bit of trouble with her ankle so we decided to do a mostly flat and easy hike. We parked by the Kebo St. entrance (closed)and walked on the loop road to the Jesup Path and that to the nature center area and the Tarn. As we explored the area Kelley spotted the trail called Kurt Diederich's Climb and wanted to take it and Mary agreed so off we went. This trail is fairly steep but much of it consists of stone steps which make the climbing fairly easy. This trail intersects with the Schiff Path ( formerly Dorr East Face Trail)and continues on to the summit of Dorr . This trail also had fairly good footing except near the top where there were large open icy areas which we needed to work around. It was very windy at the top and we did not linger. We came back down the Schiff to the Emery Path and had some dangerous icy patches to get across ( at one point I actually thought we might slide off the mountain from the narrow ice slicked trail). After passing the intersection with the Holmans Path we came to a steep icy section that we decided was too dangerous and back tracked to the Holmans. This is a fairly recently reopened trail we had not been on before. There was one steep icy section that Kelley and I bushwhacked around and Mary slid down luge style on her butt getting temporarily stuck under a rock but mostly the trail was not too hard. This trail ends near the nature center and we walked to the Strath Eden Trail ( a welcome pleasant walk in the woods) back to the loop road and then to our car. Kelley found some open water to get into and lay down and this had her excited and running down the road ahead of us. 5 3/4 hours

Kurt Diederich's Climb

Mary and Kelley - Dorr Summit

Schiff Path

Homans Path

Strath Eden Trail


  1. That was quite an adventure. Kudos to Mary, who endured a 5 3/4 hour hike on a slippery, rocky climb and descent...with a sore ankle!

  2. Thanks for the kudos John W. We are off on another adventure today.

  3. Excellent. Good to hear from you.

  4. it seems you had a lot of fun, sliping down on ice...
    What a beautiful environment you have...


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