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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2/23/10 Bald Peak,Parkman Mtn., and Gilmore Peak

In spite of a gray dreary day with a bit of snow,a little rain,some fog,and no sun we had a good hike. We started from the Norumbega parking area and took the Hadlock Brook Trail (flat and easy) to the Bald Peak Trail. Kelley was excited to be in the woods and with no people around was off leash. When she loses sight of me she often comes bounding back.

Bald Peak Trail starts in woods but quickly rises into the open with some nice views.

This is Upper Hadlock Pond ( across from where we parked) seen from the trail

As you near the Bald Peak summit it becomes very rocky

Parkman Mountain seen from Bald Peak.

Parkman is only a short distance from Bald but there is a quite steep drop to a notch between them that Kelley did not care for when we did this trail last summer. Surprisingly it was easier for her in the snow.

Bald Peak from Parkman Mtn.

It was a bit windy at the top but Kelley seems to enjoy putting her nose into the wind

From Parkman we took the Grandgent Trail to Gilmore Peak. Another steep drop and for some reason more snow.

The snow became even deeper as we climbed out of the notch and up to Gilmore. Here Kelley patiently waits for me as I trudge through the snow

A view from the trail

And the summit
Kelley enjoying a carrot snack at the summit before we began looking for the trail down to Maple Spring Trail. It appears no one has gone this way recently and after walking around the summit we cannot find the trail( not the first time I have had trouble finding this trail) and we decide to bushwhack down. Kelley looks at me as if questioning the route (deep snow, brush, fallen trees) but follows my lead as we work our way down.

We found the Maple Spring Trail-very pretty but rocky and icy and we had to find ways around a couple of spots- and took that back to the Hadlock Brook trail and to the car.

A carriage road bridge the trail passes under


  1. Ciao John,

    this step description with pictures,better show your path...very well!

  2. Ciao Marco

    Thank you. I am trying a little different form.



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