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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5/3/17 Along the Kenduskeag

Days of rain have finally given way to mostly sunny and mid 50's . Supposed to be sunny again tomorrow and then many more days of rain. Hope to do a nice hike tomorrow so just did a short one today to leave time to work at cleaning up garden beds.

The little stream at the start had a spring-like look - no ice or snow!

Kelley couldn't wait to get in the Kenduskeg - the trail is quite a bit above the stream at this point and we had to look for a spot to get down to the stream.

and I found some wildflowers- Trout Lilies I learned when we got home and I looked them up

Back up to the trail and then immediately looking for another spot down.

and back in the water

A small but pleasant outing and when home I got quite a bit done in the yard while Kelley laid in the sun.


  1. I think I want Kelley's life. A nice hike. A swim (or two) and sitting in the sun. Wow. We should all be so lucky!

    And of course I know you're going to SHARE SOME PICS OF YOUR POT GARDEN. Hint.

    1. Hi Sue - just for you- it will be awhile - only bare soil for now

  2. Glad you two got out in the sun..enjoy it while we got it..from the sounds of the forecast it won't last long..

    1. My forecast says about 7 days of rain - yuk

  3. Now that the snow is gone is Kelly more excited about going for a hike?

    1. Hi Kim- She is not - I am trying adjusting her meds and trying to reduce her weight - afraid it might just be aging


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