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Thursday, March 30, 2017

3/30/17 Glenburn Trails

We have had days of clouds, rain, sleet, and a little snow and have just walked around the hood, Yesterday it wasn't raining so we went to City Forest. The trails were in good shape

but Kelley didn't want to hike so we gave it up.

Another mostly gray day today but no precipitation. Decided to try the Glenburn snowmobile trails we have been doing. On the way there we passed a trail we hadn't done this year because we couldn't get far enough off the road to park Today we could. I had not brought a map so can't be sure where we were on the trails ( there are trails not on the map).

There was a surprising amount of snow left and no recent trail use.

Kelley was very enthusiastic . I think she liked the novelty

This is a section of wetland. Easy today but in wetter winters we have ended up with wet feet. The sun was trying to come out.

Back in the woods

A little rest near the end.

Turned out to be another pretty hike in peaceful woods we had all to ourselves. Kelley did the best she has done in some time. 1 1/2 hours


  1. Hi John. I guess I'm not the only one with snow. Hope your month has been going well, though--you have snow yet, so .....ugh. LOL!
    So, Kelley hasn't been doing so good this month? Sorry to hear that. Perhaps she needs some warmth and sun as well.
    Have a good weekend. I'm starting on some of my seed sowing. Just peppers and the other long growers but YAY--it means there's an end in sight!

    1. Hi Sue - yes, the dreariness continues - hope you are right about Kelley and warmth. how did your trip go?

  2. Kelley is a smart girl, she probably gets bored just like the rest of us..just needed the inspiration of a new adventure..I'm sure glad we seemed to have dodged a bullet on this weekend's storm..I agree that Kelley and all the rest of us will bet re-invigorated by some nice warm springtime sun..

    1. Thanks penbayman - yes on warmer weather- this has been one of the worst for hiking

  3. My daughter can't wait to start taking her german shepherd on the trails. He needs a lot of training yet tho. And taking him off lease isn't even a possibility for now.

    I love how Kelley stays fairly close to you.

    1. I hope we get to see some pictures. Kelley stays closer now that she is older. When we first started she would wander off the path and sometimes worry me. I would listen for the clinks of her tags but sometimes she got further away and it took awhile for me to find her.


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