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Sunday, March 12, 2017

3/12/17 Downtown - Briefly

It has been very cold in addition to the ice - yesterday the high was 11 degrees with wind chills of minus 14 and we just did a brief walk in the hood. Today was supposed to be warmer. It was 2 degrees when we got up and we waited 'till it got up to 11 to try downtown - sidewalks not icy. Kelley seemed enthusiastic but it was very windy and painfully cold. After a brief walk she was ready to quit and so was I.  We have 8-12 inches of snow forecast for Tuesday. Maybe tomorrow we can find something.

I took a picture of the Kenduskeag as we crossed it. You can see that the trail along the stream is a sheet of ice.


  1. That looks more dangerous than not. I'm not a big fan of walking on ice.

    1. Hi Kim - me either and Kelley, who usually wants to go that way. took a look and turned away.

  2. You and Kelley girl be careful out there..snowshoes are in order in the near future..

    1. Hi - we try to be- snowshoes are no use for Kelley but if it's light snow she loves it - better than ice.


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