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Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/40/15 Essex Woods

After clearing two driveways we went over to Essex Woods. There had been one walker yesterday and one skier this morning., so not easy walking There was a man and his dog in the dog park but Kelley passed that by.

I think she is reconsidering.

The snow gives a nice background so now that we have it there will be lots of this kind of thing.

and, hopefully some pretty scenes

This little hike turned out a bit frustrating. Usually Kelley wants to go up the sliding hill but today she stayed at the bottom. When I got to the top, I called but she just stayed there and then walked off behind the trees. I decided she was returning the way we had come and headed back down the trail we had used, And found her still at the bottom of the hill. This time she followed me up. Don't know what that was about but I got extra exercise, and a bit of a worry. 


  1. So glad you finally got some snow! Sounds like this year the weather patterns are reversed between the east and west coasts. Happy New year to you and Kelley!

    1. Yes, Kelley was excited by the snow. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. I am enjoying all your snow shots, John! I hope the New Year brings you and Kelley many paths to follow!

    1. Thank you Betty and a Happy New Year to you


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