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Saturday, December 19, 2015

12/18/15 Sunkhaze Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday it rained all day again and we just walked in the neighborhood. This morning cold, clouds, and fog but it's not raining. By the time we got to the trail most of the fog had dissipated.

There was lots of water beside the trail  on the way to the Beaver pond

You can see remnants of the fog at the beaver pond

Kelley decided to go a ways away

The dreary day didn't provide much for me to photograph. This is the cedar swamp section of the trail.

A short hike on a dreary day but Kelley did well. 1  1/4 hours

On the way home we passed a house where they were into Christmas decoration.


  1. My gawd-a Christmas extravaganza indeed-LOL!

    Absolutely LOVE that pic of the boardwalk through the woods---stunning. No, let me rephrase that---STUNNING!!!
    You really take some great pics-and bringing them up large really shows that. I rarely enlarge them (crummy crummy internet), but I'm so glad when I do.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    1. Thanks for your comment Sue. You have a good one too.

  2. Love the Christmas decorations!

    1. Thanks linda - some people really get the holidays - we see similar displays for Halloween

  3. Wow - thats a lot of Christmas decorations. Love the cedar swamp.

    1. Enough decorations for me to stop for a picture . Thanks for comment


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