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Saturday, December 26, 2015

12/25/15 Little Long Pond

Sun ! Mid 40's and no wind when we started - 50 degrees at the end.

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Little long Pond  b 12-25-15

The lack of wind made the pond surface like a mirror and I took too many pictures.

I didn't forget Kelley

The West Trail had been wet but when we got to the intersection with the Jordan Stream the water was high and the bridges had water at each end so we had to bushwhack around them.

The stream

The last time we did this trail there was a bridge in terrible shape that Kelley refused to cross and we had to find another spot for her to cross - that would have been  difficult today with the rushing water. We were happy to find that bridge had been replaced.

Looking back down the stream from the cobblestone bridge

This tree was beside the carriage road that we took on the east side of the pond.

One last refection

This is Kelley's favorite hike and she was enthusiastic, often taking the lead. Of course she likes all the water but she also really likes to meet the people and dogs we meet on the carriage road coming back.  2 hours 


  1. Such lovely blue skies and water!

  2. Too many pictures???--no such thing! It's called creating memories, and we need all of them we can get in life!
    Hope you had a great Christmas. And so glad you're seeing some sun! Always makes a day out better.....

    1. Thanks Sue - it was a beautiful day. Happy New Year

  3. That calm water looks as smooth as ice.

    1. I don't remember a calmer day- no wind at all.


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