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Sunday, December 13, 2015

12/12/15 Hills to Sea Via the Reroute

Mostly cloudy but upper forties. The trail marked "guess" is an approximation of the rerouted trail.

The trail starts on an old woods road that was a bit wet

This connected to the original trail, which also had some wet spots


And a stream for Kelley

Pretty section of trail

We then crossed a couple of large fields


Back in the woods

Not sure how far we got on the trail. We met a woman who showed us approximately where we were and not long after that we turned around and headed back

The stream on the way back

A pretty good hike. Kelley was enthusiastic as she usually is with a new trail though she wasn't as interested in the fields.  2  1/4 hours


  1. I very nice hike.
    We've had non-stop rain for the past two days. I can only imagine how much snow that would have been had we been anywhere near normal temps. Unfortunately, I've got a balmy 50 degrees. So un-December like for Northern Michigan.
    Have a great week, John.

    1. Hi Sue - we have had rain too and it was 50 two days ago. Weird weather. You have a good week too.


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