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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7/9/13 Whistle Stop Rail-Trail

Rain forecast, a friend needed a ride to and from Pittsfield, and Kelley had an afternoon  vet appointment in nearby Newport. We decided on this rail trail we had not done before because it was closer than if we drove it from home. We started at the  Farmington end and walked an hour and a half to a where the trail crossed a busy road and then turned back. We had a very light rain/mist the whole time so I had my camera in a plastic bag. Kelley liked the trail because it was new and there was lots of water to get into. We passed some kids on an ATV near the start and a runner near the end but otherwise we had it to ourselves.

The section we did was pretty much continuous woods.

Few flowers but also few insects to bother us

Reflection in one of the pools

At the road where we turned around we talked to a boy who told us the other end of the trail had more bogs and variety. We found a large patch of day lilies in a yard there.

Near the start we had crossed this bridge over the Sevenmile Stream and Kelley had been very tentative. On the return she was more blase

the stream

Not our most interesting hike and the weather did not help but a good outing for Kelley


  1. It seems as if you and Kelley have been staying close to home. Little Long Pond was foggy today, but I saw 2 fishermen and lots of dogs with their humans. Hope to see you on MDI soon.

    1. Hi Christopher- yes, I hate to make long drives when the weather is so uncertain. We also tend to go to Acadia less during the peak tourist season. We will be on the lookout for you when we do go.This trail was, however, about two hours from home.

  2. Nice trail for you and Kelley The Wonderdog..and that stream looks inviting..

    1. Thank for stopping by and commenting. penbayman.


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