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Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/17/13 Hunters Brook and The Triad

Still very hot here ( supposed to go to 90 again) but the forecast for Acadia was quite a bit cooler so , somewhat sceptically , we headed for the island. Decided on Hunters Brook because of the water for Kelley and the beauty of it. We parked on Rte. 3 and walked down to the park loop road and the nearby trail head. At 9:15 it was 72 degrees- not bad- and no deer flies.

The first part of the trail closely follows the stream - the water was fairly low

and then turns west away from the stream, crosses a carriage road, and climbs, fairly steeply, to the trail to the Triad.

a panoramic view from the Triad - click for the large version

Triad View  7-17-13

After we reached the Triad and had our apple break we headed back the way we had come. Kelley was happy when we reached the stream part of the trail again and entered it several times. Even with the low water level there were plenty of pools deep enough to satisfy Kelley.

The hike took us 2  1/2 hours and when we finished the temperature was only 76.  A good hike on a pretty day.


  1. Glad Kelley was able to get out and cool off in the stream.

    1. Hi Linda- thanks for stopping by.

  2. A much better hike for both of you..

    1. Thanks for stopping by - yes, a treat after
      the last few


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