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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7/24/13 Bangor

Yesterday it rained all day. We took a friend to Augusta and walked around in the rain a bit while we waited for her. Today more rain is forecast but this morning it's sun and clouds, warmer, and more humid. We decided to go downtown  before it started to rain again. We parked near the river and walked along it. There are a couple of places Kelley can get to the water. One of them is a high steep gravel bank that she traverses at an angle.

The other is under the bridge and easier to get to the water

a little closer shot

On the rocks next to where Kelley went in the water was this toy- with no children about ???

Kelley was happy for the chances to get in the water but wasn't very enthusiastic about walking so we cut it short at an hour. It did rain more once we got home.


  1. A stroll along a riverbank. Hard to beat that.

    1. Thanks for stopping by- yes, Kelley thought it was pretty good.


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