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Monday, July 29, 2013

7/28/13 Marsh Island Natural Area

Rain predicted so we went to the nearby  Marsh Island area. We started from Hillside so Kelley would have the pond at both ends of the hike. Temps in the 70's and the deer flies again in far fewer numbers. The middle section of the hike as depicted above is a guess as the multiple trails ( not shown on the map) once again confused us. I wanted to check out the large fields of milkweed near the river which often have Monarchs but the blossoms were done and pods forming. No butterflies. We met three nice people on bikes which was unusual as we have only met people a couple of times on these trails. They made a fuss over Kelley and she liked that.

Some of the creatures

 a Cabbage White

 I think this is one of the Skippers- pretty beat up

Don't know this guy

Looks like a hoverfly but I have never seen one so fat or with the spiky bristles on it's back

A pretty good two hour outing.

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