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Saturday, March 25, 2017

3/25/17 Branch Lake

Thirty six degrees, sunny, and a couple of inches of new snow . No one had been out this morning so on the tote road it was not always easy to see the firmer spots, but the footing was still not bad.

Thought we would try the Brookside Trail but it had not had any recent use and was quite soft. We gave up on that idea and headed for the Lake Loop Trail. This had had some use and had much better footing. The woods were  pretty with the fresh undisturbed snow and the sun.

No water for Kelley today

Almost back

Pretty good hike with a bit of slogging at times but mostly not bad. Pretty and peaceful as we had it all to ourselves. 1 1/2 hours

Thursday, March 23, 2017

3/23/17 DeMeritt Forest

Seesaw weather continues with  mushy snow one day and frozen crust the next. Tried to hike yesterday but Kelley wouldn't get out of the car. Eleven degrees when we got up but we waited and it was up to 17 when we started our hike .

The trails were mostly firm but lumpy in sections from previous traffic in the softer snow- at least no ice.

It was a pretty day and you can see our route on the map so just some shots of the various trails and Kelley.

A low marshy area that is too wet much of the year

and a leaf

Turned out to be a nice hike. The trees protected us from the wind and the footing was good for Kelley, who did very well. We had the area to ourselves so it was a pretty and a peaceful walk in the woods. 1 1/2 hours

Monday, March 20, 2017

3/20/17 Glenburn Trails

A beautiful morning- sunny skies and 32 degrees.

Yesterday it got up to 40 degrees and then down to 7 last night. Yesterdays traffic packed the snow and then last night it froze and no one had been on it this morning  so we had excellent firm footing and a beautiful day in the woods

Lancaster Brook was frozen and looked OK to cross

After some hesitation, Kelley decided to follow me across

Snowmobiles had crossed the Kenduskeag Stream

but I could see running water and they had swung upstream instead of going directly across as they usually do.  The bank was steep and slippery and Kelley didn't want to come down so that settled the decision not to cross.

Instead we stopped for an apple break before heading back.

Another section of trail

Almost there

This was a very nice hike on a beautiful day. Kelley did very well and we met no one and so had all of it to ourselves. 1 1/2 hours

Sunday, March 19, 2017

3/18/17 City Forest

Sunny and mid twenties. Where to go ? Didn't want to use the snowmobile trails because they would probably be busy because of new snow and Saturday. Friend had said the trails at City Forest were in good shape but she had gone in from the main parking lot. We started from the Kittredge Rd. lot and there had not been as much trail use. The first part was pretty good but the farther we went the less traffic and it became a slog. Kelley was picking her way along so we turned back.

The trail down to the beaver pond was well packed and we went down to the pond

Which, of course, was completely frozen

At this point Kelley let me know she had had enough and we headed back.

Almost back

A short hike on a pretty day

Thursday, March 16, 2017

3/16/17 Trail Along Kenduskeg

Snow storm on Tuesday - about a foot of heavy wet snow - but it covered up all the ice.

Yesterday morning- waiting for me to get to work on the drive.

After I cleared the drive we just walked around the neighborhood - didn't take my camera but it was sunny and around thirty degrees.

This morning we went to the nearby snowmobile trail, hoping someone had been on it to pack down the snow. They had and the footing was pretty good for both of us.

Still ice in the stream

A bit further up the trail. Not long after this we saw two snowmobiles coming and I got Kelley off the trail but it was hard for her to move in the snow. The snowmobiles took a bypass , but I realized it would be a problem if we needed to get off again and we turned back.

One spot with a little water that was very muddy - this is her second entry on the way back.

When we started the hike the surface was undisturbed from last night but after a point a sled had broken the crust  and it was  more of a slog for me. Twenty degrees but sun and we got in a little over an hours exercise so not too bad overall.

Monday, March 13, 2017

3/13/17 Little Long Pond - again briefly

After the very cold weather, we assumed the local trails would be really icy so we head to Acadia. Thought that if the trails were icy perhaps the carriage roads would be OK. Kelley had not wanted to get in the car but I hoped she would be interested in this hike which is usually one of her favorites.

Twenty degrees and sunny when we arrived. and the pond looked pretty well frozen over

but I could see water at the southwest corner .

which is also the start of the trail we usually take.

We started on the West Side  Trail but soon found it too icy. We then tried the carriage road on that side and it was icy too - less sun reaches the road here - so we headed to the east side

There was running water in the canal that takes water from the pond, under the road, and out into the harbor.

The carriage road on the east side was sunny and clear and we met a couple with their dog, which pleased Kelley/

We didn't get far before Kelley sat down. I persuaded her to go a bit further but she wasn't happy so we just returned to the car and headed home. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

3/12/17 Downtown - Briefly

It has been very cold in addition to the ice - yesterday the high was 11 degrees with wind chills of minus 14 and we just did a brief walk in the hood. Today was supposed to be warmer. It was 2 degrees when we got up and we waited 'till it got up to 11 to try downtown - sidewalks not icy. Kelley seemed enthusiastic but it was very windy and painfully cold. After a brief walk she was ready to quit and so was I.  We have 8-12 inches of snow forecast for Tuesday. Maybe tomorrow we can find something.

I took a picture of the Kenduskeag as we crossed it. You can see that the trail along the stream is a sheet of ice.

Friday, March 10, 2017

3/9/17 DeMeritt Forest

Thirty six degrees, cloudy, and windy. We had not hiked last couple of days because of rain. First try was Perch Pond but we could not get into the parking area at either of the two  trailhead we tried so we came here which is not far. Parking area here had been plowed but it  was very icy.

After the rain and above freezing temps, we were surprised had how much snow was left.

The small stream had running water but the sides were too steep and someone had thrown parts of a cleared tree near the top making it hard for Kelley to even try to get to it.

Waiting while I take the picture. I wanted her to go ahead and be walking the trail but this is what I got.

Water ! She finally found some she could get to but only enough to just get wet.

A section of the Red Trail

When we came to the intersection with the Green Trail, Kelley started down it and I thought we would add it but she soon changed her mind and we headed back.

Not a bad hike as the footing was mostly packed snow with a few icy patches. Kelley did very well and seemed gald to be in the woods. 1 1/2 hours