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Thursday, July 6, 2017

7/5/17 Partridge Pond

Fifty seven when we got up but into the eighties during our hike.

Start of the trail

First dragonfly of the year

Some colorful fungi

Last time we were here there were little streams running and many pools along the trail. Today they were all dry and Kelley had to settle for this little patch.

Until we got to the pond

We cross a small stream to get to the ledge that can be seen in the earlier picture of the pond and there have an apple break

And another chance at the pond for Kelley

Sheep Laurel - when I saw this the other day I thought it was new to me but since then I see lots of it. The small flowers ( 1/4 inch) make it easy to miss

Unusual weed

Kelley seemed to be bothered more by the heat today and was doing a lot of panting so we skipped Ducktail and just did the one pond today. She was slow but did OK and we got in an hour and three quarters.


  1. Another beautiful trail and the flowers so pretty plus more than enough water for Kelly to keep her cool. I don't blame her for being bothered by the heat, I hate heat as well.

    1. Hi Serafina - Yes, I picked this one for the water. I don't like heat either, luckily there aren't that many really hot days. How's the house hunting going?

  2. Looking around Waterville. Found a huge fixer upper that luckily doesn't need any major work. Fingers crossed. My husband can do the work himself and I'll help of course. Not too far from the ocean , just a little over 1 hour. We just want to move there ! Can't wait!! I'll be looking for a job in the healthcare field :)


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