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Monday, July 10, 2017

7/9/!7 Harbor Brook

Eighty degrees and mostly sunny. Head here because it seems to be the only place she consistently wants to hike.

We met a nice couple as we were starting and walked with them a short while until we came to the first place Kelley could get in the water. They continued on and we saw no one else the rest of the hike.

One of the two new bridges used to create a bypass of a section of the old trail.

Pretty  good camouflage

Not sure but I think a form of Hawkweed

Flower or weed ?

Another tiny butterfly. None of the larger sit long enough for a picture.

Unknown wildflower

Section of new bog bridge

The water was low- we apparently got less rain than I thought

Making waves - little ones

When we got to the place we usually turn back Kelley wanted to continue and so we did.This is the stream where we did turn back.

Kelley didn't like getting back to the trail from there and so headed downstream. When that did work she head back to where she had entered.

A nice hike. Kelley did very well and as noted  hiked further than what we usually do on this trail. It was very peaceful with no other people beyond the folks we met at the start. (All the parking lots we passed coming in were overflowing). 2 1/4 hours 


  1. I am always surprised at the lack of people on the trails there.

    1. You have to know where to go. All the parking lots we passed were overflowed. The couple we met at the start were from out of state but had been here before and knew the areas to avoid


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