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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

7/22/17 Harbor Brook

I'm a little behind and will blame it on garden work. Because Kelley has been so uninterested in hiking or even walking we came here - she always seems ready to hike this trail - many opportunities to get in the water.

First chance

Going across the new bridge - she seems to look a little bow legged but I didn't take many pictures so here it is.

Few wildflowers on this trail - I think the dense woods keeps out the light -  there were a bunch of these in small spots open to sun

Another place to get in the water shows some of the many trees that have fallen across the stream.

We had a pleasant hour and a quarter hike but that's all she wanted today.


  1. I thought Kelley would swim the stream instead of taking the bridge! :)

    1. She would if she could get to it - bank is too steep

  2. How about some pictures of your garden?


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