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Saturday, July 15, 2017

7/14/17 Trail Along the Kenduskeag

This is the snowmobile trail that was shown in posts last winter. I had two dogs as Cooper is with us for a few days, Didn't manage to get a shot of the two dogs and only one of Kelley. I also messed up most of other pictures- getting them out of focus- not sure what I was doing wrong.

The trail in summer

Had to go through high weeds to shallow water

A wild  Solanaceae

The stream was very low

And some more wildflowers

We just did an hour as neither dog wanted to go farther, but we all got a bit of exercise.


  1. It's interesting how different the trails look in winter.

    1. Hi Kim - One of the nice things about Maine is all the changes brought about by the seasons

  2. What a difference a good camera makes huh? Your pictures from 2009 are so different from the ones of today.

    1. Hi Serafina- I think the difference is less the camera and more increased ability


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