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Monday, April 3, 2017

4/2/17 Marsh Island

Yesterday Kelley hiked with friends and their dog and I was not along.

Sunny and 42. First choice was Perch Pond but we couldn't get off the road to park at either of the trailheads on Kirkland Rd.- also the trails had had no use. Next stop Marsh Island where we knew we could park.

The trails were mostly in good shape with packed snow.

Kelley did not want to follow the usual route so we ended up on unfamiliar trails with no signs, hence the question mark on the map. Eventually we crossed a know trail and I think Kelley was glad as the other trails had had little use and were harder walking.

Not much water but water

She usually gets in this stream but the snow kept her out today

The Penobscot was high and the banks steeper than usual

 but she got in.

From there we headed back. Nice hike on a pretty day. Except for a single biker we had the place to ourselves and Kelley did well. 


  1. I'm sure wishing you some good toasty sun to get rid of the rest of that snow. Bah!
    We had 2 days of sun and then rain. Snow gone. It's glorious. Funny how exciting forty shades of brown can be after all that white and gray.

    1. Someone on a forum calls this "stick season" - we are really ready for spring- we have a little snow forecast for today and then rain - bah is right

  2. It looks like the snow is trying to disappear, at least the parts that get sun. You never know what you'll find when you follow an unknown trail. Great photos and Kelley look well.

    1. Thanks Betty - we are ready for the snow to be gone but more forecast for today. This as a good day for Kelley

  3. A nice day to be strolling along the river..

    1. Hi penbayman- right you are - a mice day with sun

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for asking- combination of crummy weather - and Kelley's lack of interest. Mostly we have just walked around the neighborhood or a bit downtown. Couple of time I drove to a trailhead ( in the rain) she didn't get out of the car. She seems OK otherwise so hoping for improvement when we get some sun -

    2. I hear you..some warm sun will do the trick

    3. I hope so - we are certainly ready for it


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