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Sunday, April 23, 2017

4/23/17 Along the Kenduskeag Stream

Forty five and cloudy but better than the colder rainy days we've had. I am dog sitting with a friends dog which I keep on a leash out of caution ( leash has been cloned out of pics) . Cooper is much smaller than Kelley and not as interested in water as she is.

The small stream at the start is ice free but still no signs of spring.

Neither dog takes direction so it's difficult to get them in the same picture

Kelley, of course, found some very muddy water to get into.

The Kenduskeag is also finally ice free

Heading back.

Both dogs did well - Kelley showed more enthusiasm than she has in some time. We did only did one hour in deference to Cooper's short legs. 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Kim - warmer temps and rain. Still waiting for signs of spring

  2. Ha-that dog looks like something I'd mop a floor with.
    Glad Kelley seems to be feeling a bit better.
    It won't be long now until the wildflowers come out

    1. Hi Sue- Conner does look a bit like a mop. I have been lowering Kelley's meds. thinking maybe she was just stoned. I also think having Cooper along helped.

  3. Nice Kelley has a friend for a few days.

    1. You would think so but they both pretty much ignore the other

  4. Cooper is a low slung pup..must be quite the mud mop!

    1. Yes, after seeing the blog her owner says she is getting a hair cut


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