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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4/25/17 Glenburn Trails

Fifty and sunny but supposed to cloud up and rain ( and for next couple of days) so we wanted something close. Had not done this section except when it was snow packed.

Was quite different today

What it usually looks like

 Soon the trail became very wet - OK with Kelley but not for me or Cooper

We went back and crossed the road to take the trail in the other direction. There are a couple of meadows before you get into the woods.

but there was water along the edge

Finally some woods to explore without wet feet.

They were both interested in whatever had passed here.

Hard to believe but still some ice.

At this point we turned back. Kelley was slower today ( we have  been going alternate days and she may have been a little tired) but Cooper was energetic and showed no signs of tiredness . Still, we got in a good hour hike. ( We did get light rain in the afternoon) 


  1. Picking and choosing is the order of the day recently with all the muck and mud underfoot.


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