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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4/17/17 Perch Pond

Cloudy and 45 degrees. Kelley was not into it and lagged behind until we got to the small pond which was. at least. no longer frozen.

After her dip she sat and did not want to go farther so we headed back. We had left the parking area on the old woods road but returned on the trail through the woods where Kelley found water in a small stream.

Once we were headed back she took the lead. There were still sections with snow.

Not our best or most interesting hike but we got an hours exercise and Kelley got wet.


  1. She reallly seems to be having problems getting motivated. Is she on some new (?) meds or something? Hope she gets back to her old self. There's trails to be blazed!!
    Hope you had a nice Easter. Quiet here, just the way I like it. And a Chocolate Truffle pie.

    1. I'm not sure with Kelley I trying different med schedules and trying to figure it out. May be age in addition the the arthritis- she will be 10 in August - and I will be 76 so we are both getting old

  2. John, you got some exercise and Kelley got wet--that's all that counts! You asked where everybody was on my blog. I always wonder that, too, everywhere we go along the coastline. I admit that most of my photos are taken during the week but Hubby and I both occasionally wonder out loud why more people aren't out enjoying the ocean. With 14,000 km of coastline and almost 5 million people, I have no idea :)

    1. Hi Betty- thanks for commenting and responding to my question about the people.

  3. I'm just hoping that once the warm weather finally arrives we will all feel more motivated..


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