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Sunday, May 27, 2012

5/26/12 Moose Ponds

Mostly sunny day with temps around 70- time for something we haven't done for awhile and a day off from the garden. Little Moose  Public Reserved Land is about 75 miles from home so the drive and the hike will take up most of the day. We started from the trail head for the Moose Ponds.

There were lots of these white trillium

And this apparently double version

Big Moose Pond                                             

The trail follows along the pond for awhile and there is an old concrete structure-seems to have been a dam or lock of some kind- that Kelley will not walk across. There are old trees and branches backed up against it- no problem Kelley just swims out around the whole mess.

Not long after that the trail starts to climb to the ridge ( nothing Kelley can't handle) and the trail that is part of the long main trail. The section along the ridge is up and down with no large elevation changes but also not a walk in the park.

There is an overlook that offers some of the best views of the surrounding country.                    

When we got back to the junction with the Loop Trail we continued on to Papoose Pond. It seems to be filling in and there was not good access for Kelley.  We turned back to our original route.                                                                                                                                                                                            

When we got to Little Moose Pond we met two guys fishing and catching Brook Trout. At both of the Moose Ponds there are a couple of camp sites with a fire pit and table- of course you have to pack everything in.

One last good swim before we take the trail back to Big Moose and then on to the trail head.

A very nice day and hike 3  1/4 hours.

On the way home we passed this large field full of { mostly} old tractors and farm machinery.



  1. Beautiful weather for you. I'm guessing that you included a couple panoramas in these shots. The ones with foreground interest are best. The field of farm equipment is interesting.

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting John. Yes, a beautiful day and I did the panoramas with vertical shots which I like better. Next time I go by the farm equipment I will do a pano - the field is quite large.

  3. Sounds like my kind of day..a hike with our pups and brook trout!

  4. Thanks for looking and commenting penbayman

  5. I have reservations at lily Bay SP in August and plan to do the Little Moose Loops. I lived in Greenville for 9 years, have not been to Little Moose since trails were completed. Below is a link to a description of Hallowell Rec trails. Best I could find. I've never seen a map of them although there are maps for Jamies Pond Wildlife area nearby.
    On Sat. we say Lady Slippers, Clintonia, star flowers, Canada Mayflowers and Painted Trilliums - also 5 other dogs.

  6. The tractors must have sprouted in the last 2 years. I have never seen them but think I know the field that they are in. Just north on Monson on west side of the road? There was a farm stand there for several years and a pick-you-own strawberries operation.

  7. Hi Jill - thanks for the link- let us hear how your hike goes. Finally the flowers are coming out.

    No, the field is south of Dover but I'm not sure how far south.


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