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Monday, November 14, 2011

11/13/11 Little Moose

Mix of sun and clouds and comfortable temperatures. Drove into the Moose Ponds traihead and headed toward the ponds. The first part of the hike is relatively flat but after Big Moose it starts to climb up to the ridge that overlooks the ponds.

When we reached the ridge we went a short distance toward the Notch Ponds before turning back and resuming the Loop Trail

An overlook offers this view of the ponds from above.

This small pond was along the trail

A few of the many interesting fungi we saw


After running along the ridge the trail drops back down to Little Moose pond

Along Big Moose the trail crosses a narrow concrete structure ( some sort of obsolete water control device I think) that Kelley won't cross so she swims out into the pond around a lot of driftwood to avoid it.

These slate steps are near the end (or beginning) of the hike. There seems to be a lot of slate in this area - we passed several places on the drive over where it was piled up in yards.

Waiting once again.

A very pleasant hike without too much difficulty for Kelley. She seemed to enjoy it and was quite excited when we started - I think because we had not been here in quite some time it was like a new place. 3 hours

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