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Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/8/11 Little River Trail - Belfast

Gray day with light snow at home but none in Belfast. We drove to Belfast to do this trail which we had not done in winter. We started at the Walsh Field end and walked to the water district office and then back. The trail starts out fairly flat but then becomes more rolling but with nothing strenuous or difficult. Today the section past Perkins Road was ,for some reason, much more icy and we had to pick our way around some trail sections. We met several people with dogs and Kelley was happy to meet them all except for one unfriendly dog. Her owner said the poor thing had been abused and did not trust people.

Upper Reservoir

On a farm next to the Perkins Road crossing

Lower Reservoir at the water district where we had lunch.

4 hours


  1. I'm impressed with the second photo.

  2. That's where we walk our dog a lot as we live only a mile from it.. Our pup is a big yellow lab but soft like a marshmellow and very wife was walking the upper trail above the second dam yesterday afternoon..maybe you passed each other..and nice photos!

  3. Thanks for comments. I'm sorry we missed your wife and dog (we finished about 1:00)as Kelley is also very friendly and loves other dogs (and people)


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