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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/11/11 Breakneck and Carriage Roads

Cold and mostly cloudy with some peaks of blue. We started the Breakneck at the Hulls Cove end. The first part of the trail had been well used ( I think by locals walking their dogs). Crossing the brook was a bit challenging as the stepping stones were all coated with nice shiny ice. Most had apparently turned back at this point as there were not any recent tracks. At the ponds we switched to the carriage roads. Kelley was happy that we met friendly people and people with friendly dogs. She was happy with this hike ,doing a lot of exploring and a lot of running for the, apparent, pure joy of running in the snow.

Lichens of the day

Birches on the Breakneck

Upper Breakneck Pond

Kelley remembers the places she can get into the water and this being one of them, she seemed puzzled to find the pond frozen

A closer look confirmed that there was no open water.

We finished the hike by taking the trail to the visitor center parking lot and then walking to the road and back to the Breakneck. A nice loop 2-3/4 hours


  1. I like the Breakneck Road in winter- quiet and, as you say, it is a great place for us local folks to walk the dog! Have seen stunning coyote there and of course lots of deer.

    At other times of the year I tend to keep SImon on lead as there is a lot of trash along that old road- broken glass and rusted metal. Our chocolate lab, Pablo, sliced open his leg there. Of course this was years ago when the road was not gated- not that the trash is gone, but perhaps the gate has inhibited more from accumulating.

    Loved that Kelly looked for her swimming hole!

  2. Hi Tracy

    Have never seen a coyote - that would be really nice.


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