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Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/29/11 Kelley and Sally

We did the same loop as we did on the 26th but Mary came with us today. Another pretty day though the sun never quite got through the clouds. Near the end we met Sally and her owner and let the dogs play. Both dogs were very exuberant and loved playing in the snow. The lighting was poor and the dogs mostly in motion so the pictures though not the best, I hope, give a feel for the action. In some pictures they look quite fierce but they are having fun and not hurting each other.


  1. Yeah, they're having fun...but those teeth look ferocious.

  2. They do and it's a little amazing that nobody gets hurt

  3. Hey John Thanks for posting Kelley and Sally! I have to say their playing was so much sweeter in person. Sally kind of looks like the spawn of Satan in some shots! They had a blast. Such a perfect day.
    Keep those snow shoes handy!!!

  4. Hi Ann

    Thanks for commenting. The pictures do make them look ferocious but we know the were really nice together. Email me if you would like some of the pictures ( I have a couple more I didn't post)


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