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Monday, December 27, 2010

12/26/10 Norumbega Mountain

We drove in on the Hadlock Pond Rd. and parked by the pond and walked over to the trailheads.

The plan was to take the Golf Course Trail up to the Norumbega Trail. We had done this in summer and were able to follow the trail to the golf course and near the golf course met a woman with a German Shepherd ( we had met her the other day on the carriage roads)and her friend with a lab. Kelley was very happy to play with these two dogs. But today we searched and were unable to find the trail leading up to the Norumbega Trail and so we backtracked to the start of the Norumbega Trail. No one had been on this trail since the last snow fall and we saw no one today. As we climbed the snow became significantly deeper even though we only rose a few hundred feet. Having unbroken snow, quiet, and the beautiful trail made this a really nice hike even though we had to pick our ( my) way around patches of ice. Maybe too many pics of the trail but I couldn't resist. It was like being on top of the world and having it all to yourselves.

3-1/4 hours

Lower Hadlock last summer


  1. Kelley's pose reminds me of James Cagney in "White Heat"....."Hey Ma!, Top of the World".

  2. Are the brown floating things pine needles? I like that photo.

  3. I thought at first they were but then they looked too large, Maybe pieces of the reeds that had been there. See picture from last summer I posted for you.


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