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Saturday, December 11, 2010

12/11/10 Boyd Road/Path

We had done this old path once before. It starts as a park service road off Rte.3 and is road width. Kelley was again excited by the fresh snow. As you can see no one had been through before us. We would see no tracks but deer on any of the trails today and a lone set of ski tracks (from before the last snow) on the carriage road.

After you pass the gun range the trail goes into the woods and narrows considerably. It was quiet and peaceful with no road sounds and no people and coupled with the beautiful snowy woods had an almost magical feel.

As we neared Bubble Pond and crossed the Pond Trail we lost our trail but found it again as a wider track but still ended up on the carriage road (as we had done before) short of the pond. We continued up the carriage road to the pond and then turned back and walked to the Pond Trail.

We took that and the Triad Trail up where we enjoyed the view and shared an apple before going back to the Hunters Brook Trail.

The Hunters Brook is one of Kelley's favorites because a large part of it runs along the brook. She had been doing a lot of running earlier but had slowed a bit until we reached the brook which re-energized her. She runs along the trail, gets in the water and out, and then runs further up the trail and repeats.

A short walk on the loop road to 3 and then another short piece to the car completed our loop. A very nice hike 3-1/2 hours


  1. Thanks for this. I often go hiking with Roxy, my 1.5 year old rottweiler. But never in snow. None of that here in Hawaii!

  2. Really enjoying the shots of Kelley..keep them coming

  3. Thanks both of you for commenting. I spent a few months in Hawaii a long time ago and it's also a beautiful place. Kelley is 3 years old and never tires of hiking.

  4. Thanks for posting this-I enjoy reading about your adventures with Kelly. My yellow lab SImon and I tried this last winter, but I lost the trail after the gun range. We shall have to try again!

  5. Thanks for your comments. Once you find the trail it becomes fairy clear until you near the pond where we lost it both times. I would be glad to show you and Kelley loves other dogs.

  6. Boyd Rd looks even more inviting in the snow, I gotta see it!

  7. Hi Scott

    It was -I thought you were to do it awhile back.


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