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Thursday, December 23, 2010

12/23/10 City Forest

We woke up to wet sticky snow and after clearing two driveways decided we didn't want a long drive and went to nearby City Forest which is next to Walden that we visited yesterday. We followed the East Trail from the parking lot to the old railroad bed and started north. It looked like you could walk farther than in the past until my foot went through the ice and we turned around. We followed the rail bed in the other direction until we came to the loop trail at Walden and then turned around again and returned back to the forest. We took the Main Road to Shannon Dr. and that back to our car. A nice 1-1/2 hour walk.

I thought the snow sticking to the sides of the trees was a little unusual.

It really was a winter wonderland today. Kelly was excited by the fresh snow and the numerous opportunities to get into the water. We only saw two other people so it was peaceful and quiet.


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